Ideas for Innovation

Our aim is to improve efficiency, effectiveness for a competitive advantage.

Mobile Apps



This app is designed to connect small groups of people, improve communication between friends and spouses within a church's community, and connect members of a congregation.

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Trump Justice


Trump has finally had enough fake news and is on the assault! His enemies have devised a way to clone themselves and they are on a relentless attack!

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With over ONE MILLION downloads, Wonder Polls has lots of users and fresh content. Answer thousands of entertaining polls and Would You Rather type questions.

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Invisible employee cost is an epidemic in the business world. Many consider employee-driven losses simply the cost of doing business, but that isn’t the case. You can save money and retain a more productive workforce with a partner like ScorecardHR.

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Point of Sale

Save 2-3 hours of manual work a week that our system automates

Our user-friendly system speeds up checkout and increase sales for your business

Order the right products for your store using our reporting


ForkastRM is a Back of House Restaurant Manager. The primary goal is to assist an operator to accurately “Forkast” and manage food cost, staffing and more while minimizing waste and maximizing profit. It is simple, intuitive, fully integrated and designed specifically for restaurants.

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